Amrit Hindi Pathmala Abhyas Pustika 8

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Amrut Hindi Lesson series This series attempts to teach Hindi Language with grammar and creatively main attractions • Amrit Hindi lessons are completely child centered. Books are like 'Panchatantra', in which each lesson prepares the role of base and curiosity for the next lesson. The next lesson is the solution and development of the first ones. Every book in the series is the foundation of the next book and the development of the previous book. • The structure of the lessons and their number has been done keeping in mind the intellectual capacity and Language level of the students, which in the teaching process easily increases the hardships of learning. • Colorful, functional and diverse images present the lessons and their expressions in a tasteful way. • All literary works in the book series - poetry, story, drama, description, conversation, characters, comedies, puzzles, comedy, and songs are used with proper human ethical properties. • The structure of this lesson is n. C.E.R. The latest curriculum of T. has been done in view. In this lesson, the standard devanagari script and spelling used by Central Hindi Directorate (Govt. Of India) have been used.

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