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Apc Mentor in English Language and Literature, Class-10

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Section A: Reading Skills contains 33 Factual and 33 Discursive Unseen Passages for reading comprehension. The questions for these paggades have been carefully chosen keeping the examination pattern in mind. The answer are provided separately after the passages. Students are advised to attempt the questions first and then take help from the model answers provided to identify their weak areas and improve them. Section B: Writing Skills with Grammar contains (i) Formal Letters/Articles (ii) Short story writing based on a given outline or cue/s. Detailed guidelines have been provided to develop these writing skills in an appropriate manner. They are followed by a large number of solved questions which will help students practise and easily answer the questions in the examinations. Section C: Literature Textbook and Supplementary Reading Text contains detailed summary of each chapter of the textbook First Flight and Footprints without Feet. This section is a comprehensive question bank that includes questions from the textbooks as well as additional extracts for comprehension, and short and long answer questions. Word meaning and word-notes are also given to understand the lessons thoroughly. This book is meant to help identify the problem areas and allow students have a comprehensive understanding of the course material. It will certainly prove to be a reliable tool for marked success in the examinations.

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  • 978-81-8296-748-9
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  • Arya Publishing Company
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