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Hindi Padho Aur Seekho - 2

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The lessons in the Hindi Read and Learn series have been designed keeping in mind the intellectual level and language achievement of children. Initially the lessons are simple; Gradually they become difficult but due to various activities, the interestingness remains. Various subject-based lessons in various genres like story, poem, article, conversation, drama, letter etc. have tried to bring alive and interestingness to the book. The lessons have been made simple and pleasing with beautiful pictures. Grammar teaching has been added experimentally with each lesson. Special care has been taken that lessons should be related to today's life. Various types of questions and exercises have been given for the promotion of language comprehension and language skills in read and learn Hindi. The text has been written / edited by Mrs. Padma Kheda, Samyukta Ludra, Manju Mehra, Prabha Sharma, Vibha Saxena and Madhu Nagpal. Practice books- Read and learn Hindi series have also been made with each textbook. These exercise books are useful for both teachers and students. These not only talented but slow learning children will also be able to benefit fully as they are specially designed from the point of view of evaluation. Teacher scenes — an integral part of this booklet. They not only help teachers in conducting question-practice but also introduce them to new teaching methods. In this, some questions related to each lesson have been answered and all the questions and exercises related to grammar or 'understanding of language' have been answered. These are the specialty of three session based exam papers.

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  • ISBN
  • 9.78813E+12
  • 2
  • Madhuban Publication
  • Mrs Padma Khera & More.
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