Introductory Micro and Macro Economics (Question-Answer Form) Class 12

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The book in your hand is a new book in the sense that it has been rewritten on new pattern of Short-Answer Questions. This has been done from examination point of view and slo to cater to the needs of CBSE instructions that short-answer questions of 3/4 marks each should not exceed 60/70 words answer whereas long-answer questions of 6 marks eah should remain within limit of 100 words answer. The new book with 386 short-answer questions fully covers the latest syllabus 2017-18 issued by CBSE. The unit (chapter) scheme in the book is the same as given in the syllabus. My effort has been to simple and give specific answer to specific question. Recently CBSE has been making efforts to improve the educational standard by implementing pedagogical objectives like acquistition of learning ans understanding, development of skills and attityde etc. This has inspired the author to rewrite the second half of each chapter with new typology of question as under. Remembering and Understanding-based Questions Reason-based (True/False) Questions Multiple Choice Quesions (MCQs) HOTS and Application-based Questions Evaluation and Value-based Questions Self-Assessments Questions of 1, 3/4, and 6 marks each. CBSE Examination Questions on the concerned chapter since 2001 This book concludes with solved CBSE Examination Papers 2016 (Delhi & All India), Examination Papers 2017 (Delhi and All India) and solved CBSE Sample Papers for Examination 2016, 2017.

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  • 978-81-7739-486-3
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  • Ashok Khaneja
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