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Madhukiran Hindi Pathmala 1

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Madhukiran Hindi Pathmala is a unique text-cum-workbook series for learning the language easily, making its name meaningful. This textbook is suited to the interest and level of children and connects them with everyday life. There has been an attempt to make the language knowledge in Madhukiran Hindi Pathmala as simple, simple and interesting. The language is presented in a simple and practical way by choosing interesting themes related to the daily lives of the children. Madhukiran Hindi Pathmala is based on suggested courses for language knowledge. The burden of bagging has been reduced by having a mixed form of both textbook and exercise book. Easy, simple and understandable language has been used. Attractive pages and delightful colorful illustrations covering the text are given. According to the level, there is variety and newness in the introduction and themes from the genres of poetry, story, conversation, event-narration, letter, memoir, article, interview, drama etc. To increase interest in the language, additional reading material (Reading for Pleasure) - 'Reading for pleasure' jokes, puzzles and language games have been included. Questions based on thinking, thinking and study to test the knowledge learned; There are also interesting exercises and hints in measured words. In addition to simple definitions, the practical side of grammar is emphasized. Special materials have been provided to teach the art of living and on human values, burning problems, sensitivity to the environment and healthy habits. Continuous development of listening, speaking, reading, writing, thinking and creative skills has been done through activities and project-making. Various exercises have been given from the assessment point of view.

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  • ISBN
  • 9.78935E+12
  • 1
  • Madhuban Publication
  • Prof. RamJanam Sharma & More.
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