Nai Udaan - 3

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This series of book is Prepared and based on N.C.E.R.T (National Council Education) syllabus and it is also suitable for other state boards. The main objectives of this series are as under :- 1. Easy and suitable to understand for modern children. 2. Each book is divided into three main unit. 3. Lessons are based on known to unknown points. 4. Picture stories are given to develop interest. 5. Text-cum-Workbook 6. Develops speaking and writing skills. 7. Questions based on continuous and comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). 8. Visual Based C.D. is also provided with each book for better understanding. 9. Teacher's Manuals are also prepared which includes metheds of scientific and comprehensive evaluation and answers to the questions given are also provided. 10. Author's/poet's introduction is also given for better understanding. 11. Exercises can be solved by self efforts. 12. Difficulty words with their meanings are given to increase vocabulary.

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