Wind Chimes Coursebook 2

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Wind Chimes is a series of English coursebooks and workbooks for classes 1 to 8. The series is crafted for learners of the 21st century, for whom it is of foremost importance to learn how to learn. The use of graphic organisers, timelines and graphic retelling of stories in Wind Chimes develop critical thinking and study skills in learners—two vital tools for learning. Additionally, the delivery of emotionally competent stimuli helps build a strong foundation for learning. Based on the new curriculum published by the CISCE, the series guides learners through the seven stages of a brain-based approach to learning. Here is a preview of the various stages the learners are taken through in each chapter: Component of the series: Coursebook 1-8 Workbook 1-8

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  • ISBN
  • 978-93-5271-976-1
  • 2
  • Madhuban Publication
  • Baruna Ray Chowdhury
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